Relationship with Agencies and Other Programs

The IMS/CAT has developed partnerships with the Ministry of Health, the Municipal Health Secretariat (SMS) of Vitória da Conquista, the Health Secretariat of Bahia (SESAB) and the State University of Southwest Bahia (UESB) through various research and extension projects . In addition, the professional Mestado in health psychology has an interinstitutional partnership with UESB, where there is also a psychology course on the campus of Vitoria da Conquista. UESB maintains a university Center for Health Care (CEUAS) where users of the region are attended in 20 specialties. The agreement established between UESB and UFBA already provides for the use of CEUAS as a area of internship and research (the declaration of this partnership follows an attachment). The CEUAS promotes care and prevention actions with the local community.

The professional master's degree in health psychology at IMS/UFBA also has a partnership with Health Rise, a program founded by the Meditronic Foundation and aims to contribute to the World Health Organization in the goal of reducing 25% of the mortality associated to premature death due to chronic non-communicable diseases, such as cardiovascular diseases and diabetes, upto 2025 through the financing of community projects in India, USA, South Africa and Brazil.

In the area of research, permanent professors have developed partnerships and collaborations with other HEI in the country. Currently, Professor Paulo Coelho Castelo Branco has partnered with UFMG, UFU and UCDB through the following research projects, respectively: "Reception, circulation and disciplinarization of psychology in Brazil: Psychological objects and communities Scientific "and" disciplinarization, institutionalization and professionalization of psychology: Notes for a history of psychology in Mato Grosso do Sul "; Research group subjectivity and clinical-social practices, group of studies and Research in history of psychology and Laboratory of psychology and education Helena Antipoff.

Professor Andréa Batista de Andrade Castelo Branco has collaborated with the research project "subjectivity and transdisciplinarity-health promotion and family Health strategy: work processes and integrality" and with the researchg roup "Subjectivation and Social processes ", both linked to PUC-Minas. These partnerships enabled the presentation of papers on integrality in scientific events and the elaboration of articles that were submitted to academic journals.

Professor Lívia Botelho Felix has partnered with UFPE through the research projects "social representation and alterity" and "analyzing social representations and professional practices in area of child and adolescent mental health.", respectively. In addition, the faculty composed the research group "Representations and social practices", linked to the laboratory of Human Social interaction (LABINT-UFPE). The researches deal  with professional practice in the construction of child mental health care, as well as on drugs, drug users and consumer practices. The results of the research have already been published in scientific journals and presented at scientific events in the country.

Professor Carmem Virgínia Moraes da Silva conducts a partnership with UNEB through the research project "Social Development" and the Research and Studies group children and early Childhood education. Professor Milena Maria Sarti maintains research partnerships with USP-Ribeirão Preto through the research group "discourse an alysis and its interfaces: literacy, authorship and psycho analysis". Professor Patrícia Martins de Freitas maintains partnerships with the research groups "Neuroclinic-laboratoryresearch in Clinical Neurology" (UFBA-Salvador) and "Neuropsychology and Human Development" (UFMG). Such partnerships have resulted in award-winning works and scientific publications.

In coordinating extension activities, Professors Monalisa Nascimento dos Santos Barros and Edi Cristina Manfro develop the project "Initiation, transition and adaptation to parenthood" through a partnership between UFBA and UESB, whose mainproposalis To develop actions and instruments to prevent obstetricviolence in the municipality of Vitória da Conquista-BA.